Boating Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Boating Kids

Carolina Inboard is proud to be one of the Columbia area’s largest boat dealers for Pontoon boats, Wake Ski boats, and Fishing boats. Our customers enjoy boating on all of SC’s freshwater lakes as well as the gorgeous SC coastal waters. As much as we love our customers excitement when they purchase and own a new boat from Carolina Inboard, we also are strong advocates for boating safety.

Who needs a Boater Education?

We recommend all boat owners take a boat education class to learn safe boat operation and the rules of the water.

Boaters under 16 years of age are required by law to pass an approved boater education course before operating, without supervision, a personal watercraft (jet ski) or a boat powered by 15 hp motor or more.

Taking a boater education course will allow you to comply with the boating laws and may also make you eligible for a discount on your boat or Personal Water Craft (jet ski) insurance.

Boating Education in the off season

While we roll into the off season, it’s a great time to get younger “soon to be captains” certified with a boaters education course.

Take the classes with your kids as a great family experience!

You can find in-person classes in South Carolina at the SCDNR website or there are options to take classes online on approved sites like Boat-Ed. The fall and winter time periods are great to prepare for next years boating season.


Boating Safety Tips

Remember, collisions can be prevented easily if every vessel operator fulfills three major responsibilities:

  1. Practice good seamanship. It is the responsibility of every boat or PWC operator to take all necessary action to avoid a collision.
  2. Keep a proper look out. Failing to keep a sharp lookout is the most common cause of collisions
  3. Maintain a safe speed. Safe speed is the speed that insures you will have ample time to avoid a collision. Always remember to watch for wake zones.