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Boat Ownership

Many of our customers have questions related to boat ownership. Here are a few common questions answered. Please visit us to take care of all your service needs.

Q: How often do I need to get my boat serviced?

A: Each boat and engine manufacturer have different maintenance schedules depending on the needs of that style of engine or boat and it is always best to refer to the manufacturers recommendations. A good service schedule will allow you to have years of enjoyment from your boat.

Q: How should I store my boat in the off season?

A: Anytime your boat is not going to be in use for an extended period of time there are certain steps that you should go through to ensure a prolonged life of your engine. With the introductions of ethanol in fuel, catastrophic damage can occur if fuel is not treated to prevent it from breaking down. You should always have your boat winterized prior to your first freeze. There are frequently multiple water systems on boat aside from the engine and each of those systems should be winterized as well.

Q: Is it okay to run fuel with ethanol in my boat?

A: Most newer engines are designed to run on a E10 blend. Even though your older engines will run on the blend, it doesn’t mean you are safe. Older engines have seals and lines that are not designed to withstand the ethanol and will start to breakdown causing debris to enter the fuel system and clog passages. If you have the option to use a non-ethanol fuel it is recommended. Typically the fuel economy that is increased by using non-ethanol fuel will offset the additional cost of the fuel in comparison to the E10 blend. You should never run any blend higher than 10% ethanol in a marine engine.


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