Malibu Integrated Surf Platform

Malibu ISP – Wakeboard Boat Innovation

The Malibu ISP (Integrated Surf Platform) gives you complete control of amazing wakes behind your Malibu Wake Boat.

Combining an array of Malibu innovations, the  Malibu ISP starts with performance hulls, quad tank ballast and swim boards tailored to each boat model. From there it builds in several industry-firsts, including the unique and patented Surf Gate that transforms a perfect watersports wake into a surfable and customizable wave.

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Model-Specific Performance Hulls

The Malibu ISP, Integrated Surf Platform begins with our model-specific performance hulls, each one the result of advanced water-manipulation technology developed by our engineers.

Unique Shape

Every model in the lineup features a unique hull design to maximize the boats performance, versatility, and safety on the water. Nowhere else will you find this water-manipulation technology developed by the Malibu engineers.

Quad Ballast System

Up to 5000 lbs across the WakeSetter line, our model-specific Quad Hard-Tank Ballast offers the you ability to set the size and shape of your ideal wake with incredible ease.

Command Center

Malibu Command Center

Command Center makes controlling the Malibu ISP easy. Directly ahead of the wheel, the bright, high-resolution 12-inch MaliView touchscreen gives you the finger-tap control of the ballast, Power Wedge II, Surf Gate and Navigation.

This accurate, adjustable Command Center-integrated ballast system is the best, most discreet way to easily add significant weight or to balance out your load to create the exact wake or wave you desire. To carry even more weight, add the optional Plug ‘n Play Option.

Power Wedge

Power Wedge

Deploying the hydraulically actuated Power Wedge II is like adding up to 1,500 pounds of additional wake-creating water displacement. It happens at the tap of the driver’s finger on the Command Center, or the surfer wearing the optional Malibu Surf Band wrist remote can adjust if right from the water.

Also control the Power Wedge through the Sport Dash. The Sport Dash option includes an expandable smartphone cradle, dry-storage box with USB charger, and a new intuitive analog control dial for the Surf Gate, Power Wedge II, Speed, and Stereo. During startup its negative angle dramatically increases lift to get the boat on plane much faster, and that can save fuel.

Surf Gate

Surf Gate

You can take that giant wake and shape it into the perfect custom wave with Malibu’s revolutionary Surf Gate. Using the high-speed hydraulic actuators. Surf Gate turns the perfect watersports wake into an endless surfable wave on either side of the boat. Use the Surf Band to control your wave destiny.

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